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Demonic Dreams – Hadena James


Aislinn Cain wakes up on a cold concrete floor having been drugged and kidnapped by serial killer Raphael Henders. Despite the chaos, she has a few questions; is Gabriel still alive? If so, for how long? And where exactly is she?

As the answers start to reveal themselves, Aislinn comes to the realization that Raphael Henders is unlike any serial killer she has ever faced before. Not only is he brilliant, cunning, sadistic, and brutal, he is part of the organized ring of serial killers that the SCTU has been trying to eliminate. More importantly, he is just one step removed from the leader of the organization and he has answers that Aislinn needs to put her past behind her.

To survive and get what she needs, Aislinn will have to play Raphael’s game. Death is not an option, pitting Aislinn’s own desire to survive against her need to figure out who exactly was behind the murder of Aislinn’s father and sister all those years ago.