Best Bath & Body Works Candles

Just so you know I was never a candle believer.  I didn’t see the purpose of candles, I just thought that they were a waste of money, especially bath and body works ones since they are usually around 24.50 CAD.

One of my coworkers and I went into bath and body works because she wanted to get some candles, I got one and instantly became a believer.  They are literally my favourite thing now.

The first candle I got and burned is this one.


Everyone knows that I STAN rose water, so this candle was the perfect match for me.  It doesn’t have too much fragrance coming out of it so its very calming and subtile.


If you don’t know what warm vanilla sugar smells like, I AM JUDGING YOU.  It literally is the most soothing smell ever, like this is a CLASSIC bath and body works scent.  It smells like warm, vanilla, and sugar.


A Thousand Wishes is the one that has the strongest scent, but to me it screams “expensive” I don’t think I have this scent in a body mist but like I need it because again it screams expensive and that is what I am here for.

Bath and Body Works Candles last super long, I have burned one over ten times and it is still kicking.  I think I paid $11.50 each for the candles because they were on sale, but like I have become a believer.  I am so much of a believer, I was so upset that I showed up to candle day so late and wasn’t able to get anything.  If you weren’t a believer, I hope that I have turned you into one.


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