Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation

I got another foundation *yawn*

I have been so fascinated with trying out new foundations that I am just killing it over here.  I was in my private law class just cruising for a bruising on Sephora when I saw that the ABH stick foundation was on sale, I was literally like “must buy now, but wait what shade am I shit”.

Sephora has this new little system where you can put in your shade from another foundation that you have and it will match you to the closest shade in the foundation that you want to buy.  Well, as I am sitting in class with no other option, I opted for this and found myself matched with the shade Cool Golden.

Let’s fast forward to the next day, I go to get my Sephora package from the mail box and I busted my lip lol.

Anyways, onto my first impression of the foundation.

I put it on my face and saw nothing, literally nothing.  Come to realization this shade matches my skin PERFECTLY like it blends right in.  I was shookt.

This foundation is light to medium coverage depending on which way you wanna go with it.

I usually put on one layer, blend it out a lil bit and then add more where I need more coverage.

This foundation wore perfectly through one of the most stressful nights of my life and I said “if my foundation can last through this, it has passed the true test”.


This has quickly become the foundation that I reach for the odd time I do decide to wear makeup and I love that it gives me enough but is not doing the most.

It is still on sale until tomorrow I am pretty sure, that is if you live in Canada so I would highly recommend it.



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