ShopMissA Haul

I have been buying so much makeup lately, I go through fazes where I buy a lot of makeup and then I don’t buy anything other then things that I ran out of and cannot live without.

Either way, I have mentioned shopmissA on my page before because majority of their items are only $1 and they are such good quality, so it works for people balling on a budget like me.

Either way, I got some money for my birthday and I decided to use it on stuff for ME instead of the obvious which would have been paying bills.

First things first, I want to talk about the one thing that got me really excited.img_9871

Ignored the fact that the actual palette is so dirty, this is my travel palette for those who are wondering, but I got a bronzer, two blushes and two highlighters.  Each pan was around $3.50 which is not bad at all.  The bronzer (first pan) is in the shade magma, and honestly it is a tad too light for me, so next time I make an order I need to opt for something a little bit darker.  The second pan is a blush which is called orbit, its a brightish pink and I love it.  I am trying to get back into wearing blush which really fell out for me, so if you see me buying any makeup beyond this point, I will be looking for blush.  Third pan is a highlighter in the shade treasure, and it is stunning quality, I usually mix it with the highlighter beside it which is called legend.  Treasure and Legend are two really similar shades, one just has more rose gold vibes then the other.  Last but not least, we have the last blush which is called ray and it is just all the tones that I look for when looking for blush so I am here for it indefinitely.


Here we have some dirty ass brushes because I am too lazy to go and wash them for the sake of this post, but lets keep it real here, a lot of us have some dirty makeup brushes and we can’t always be perfect.  Either way, the first brush is a highlighting brush and it works perfectly, that was only $1.  The second brush is a blush brush and again it works perfect and it was only $1 so I mean I am not mad.



Loose setting powder for a dollar?  So far I have only tried the yellow and its average, it looks good and that’s about that.  There is nothing speical to say about it, oh yeah and I also got translucent, which I don’t even use translucent shades anymore because yellow just works better on me but yeah.



Here we have some finishing pressed powders, I of course got ANOTHER banana shade, and I also got one that was close to my skin tone in the shade toffee, as we all know I am a stan for mac studio fix and that will forever be my love, but if I wanted to go for a little bit of a lighter coverage, I’ll use something like this.


Last but not least, I got these two Lumi Blushes because they looked so pretty.  The one on the left is called “so close” and the one on the right is called “golden apricot” they are also $1 and although I haven’t tried them out, I see myself using them as a blush topper.


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