coffee black – jamaica west

I went on a little shopping spree on amazon the other day and found some really good looking poetry books that were written by people of colour.

I ordered about 5 or 6 of them and this one called coffee black by jamaica west was the first one that I received in the mail.  In my opinion there is main stream poetry and then there is “other” poetry if you want to say it.  There are some books that are promoted, praised and showcased then others which I think is so unfair because I have really some really good poetry books by poets or authors that no one has ever heard of.

This is why I love to share the books that I read with everyone so that they can know that there is so much poetry out there that is not noticed.

Anyways, coffee black has 4 parts to it which are:

self; dark & matter

love; water & blood

heartbreak; melanin & bones

protest; healing & revival

This book had poems that I guess were stories from when the author was growing up and certain things that her mom had taught her.  One thing that got me about this book was the mention of black males being killed by police in America, this is something that isn’t widely mentioned in books which is sad enough.

This book also mentioned an absent father which is something I can really relate to as I have never met my father.

Trust me it’s okay, you can’t miss something that you never had, right?

This book then ends off with some healing words on how black women need to stop seeking acceptance from everyone else, they need to start seeking acceptance in God instead.

Overall, I recommend all women of colour to read this book because it will really be something that they could relate to.



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