NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation

I think at this point everyone has heard about the NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop foundation that NYX did in collaboration with Alissa Ashley, in order to make sure that they were VERY inclusive with the shade range.

My friend bought the foundation and said that it did not last all day and she didn’t recommend it to me.  Me being stubborn, I went and bought it because I was hella curious to see what it was all about.

When I went to buy it, the girl at the cash said that if I get the primer that I would get 10% off my purchase and I was like hey may as well, so I also bought the HydraTouch primer.


The primer is VERY hydrating and it is oil free which works with my eyelash extensions which I am totally a believer in again.  It makes my skin feel like I just got a lil hydrating facial, and one thing about me is I don’t like my makeup being too matte so this primer is perfect for me and perfect for dry skin.


The foundation is medium to full coverage, totally buildable.  For me it lasted all day but then again my days are different, some days I have to wear my makeup from morning to night, and other days I wear my makeup for only a few hours but either way I love the way that it looks on me.  For those who are curious, I got the shade Mahogany which is a little on the orange side for me but I can totally fix it with powder and concealer.

I think the foundation cost $18.00 CAD which is a little expensive for a drug store foundation, and honestly, I don’t even think that it is worth that price to be honest.  The foundation is good but not $18.00 CAD good.

Could I just be cheap or have you tried the foundation and feel the same way as me?


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