Starbucks Medium Roast Iced Coffee

As we all know, I stan for iced coffee.  I literally cannot survive if I don’t have my coffee.

To save money, majority of the time I make my iced coffee at home, I got a little iced coffee maker thing that I have to leave in the fridge for 24 hours which can be a little bit annoying.  Therefore when I went to Costco and saw that they sold the Starbucks pre-made medium roast iced coffee for $10.00 CAD i was so here for it.


This is what it looks like, it actually came with another one and together it was $10 so it was a really good deal.

When I make my iced coffee I usually use a Starbucks cold cup, which you can get at like any location for like $2 I think.


This is what it looks like.  What I put in my iced coffee is Vanilla Syrup that I get from Amazon called the Torani Vanilla Flavour Syrup and it’s $11.98 CAD.

I also put in Almond Silk, 30 Cal Vanilla.

Then I add the coffee & some ice on top of all of that.

I was using the Pike Place Medium Roast coffee grounds and I love it.  But it was too much work so when I bought this I was like yes, it’s already made I just have to pour and go.  Well let me tell you, I don’t know wtf this is but this ain’t lit.

It tastes so different from my Pike Place grounds, which I don’t really mess with.  At the end of the day, I prefer to steep the coffee for 24 hours then to ever try and drink this again.

What’s sad is I had SUCH HIGH ASS HOPES for this coffee because I love Starbucks and their iced coffee but this just was not lit at all.



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