ColourPop No Filter Haul

Everything in this post ISN’T from the no filter line but I basically got everything from the no filter line because I was hella curious to see what the hype was about.

Everyone and their momma, grandma, aunty & even uncle was hyping this and it took me a little while to muster up the courage to spend my hard earned CANADIAN COINS on this AMERICAN PRICED line.

For those who haven’t caught on, the dollar is trash and conversion into Canadian dollars literally H U R T S.

Either way let me get into what I got here:



I got the foundation of course, I went with the shade dark 155 and honestly I am getting better at picking shades online, I am very proud of myself.  This foundation is suppose to make your skin look flawless, it is really full coverage and looks like it can get real cakey real quick if you put too much on, which happened to me the first time.  It does last on the face but I am kinda iffy about it for the time being, I don’t know why.




I’ve used and done a post on these concealers already which will be linked right “here”






This is the loose powder that comes with the collection and I opted for the shade banana because I have some strong ass yellow undertones and banana powers always work the best for me.  Again I tried this when I first tried the foundation and concealer all together and I don’t know how to feel about it, other then feeling that it is HELLA yellow, I’ve tried this with other foundations and concealers and I am still undecided.





I got the no filter face powder in medium dark and compared to my daily powder it looked really light which is why I haven’t given it a fair shot yet because I am kinda scared.  That is all I really have to say on that.






This is just a bronzer, I have been wanting to try colourpops bronzers for so long so I finally bit the bullet and got it, first things first, SHIT IS HUGE.  The pan is GIANT like no word of a lie, I got the shade Rodeo Drive and so far it’s a 5/10 for me because the undertone on it is kinda weird and just really confusing.





I got two Luxe Lippies, these two were actually done in collaboration with Makeup Shayla, who is a youtuber and influencer, the top shade is called C’mon Sis & the bottom shade is called Quickie.  I did not expect the nude to be so nude but you know what, we can fix that with a little brown lipliner.  C’mon Sis is also a really nice shade to wear with some brown lipliner, its the perfect pink, mauve situation.





I think this is my first ever loose highlighter, I like it a lot if we are being honest here.  It gives me a nice shine without being completely blinding, I think I might opt for loose highlighters in the future.  This is in the shade Dew Drop.




We have reached the bitter end of this post.  Stay tuned to find out if I will ever like this foundation.


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