Coach Haul

Yes, my cheap ass went to the Coach Store, well the outlet because I wanted to be bougie and get a new bag, and to be honest, the cheaper bags aren’t doing it for me lately, so I rather spend more money and get something that is name brand.

I am not a label whore though, let me just put that out there.

Anyways, me and my mom went to the Toronto Premium Outlets which is an outdoor mall that has a whole bunch of stores, but the outlet versions.  Majority of stuff at the outlets are cheaper, and they also have things that were made to only be sold in outlets.

Either way, I wanted a tote bag and that is what I got.


This is the standard tote bag and I love it because I am into super simple things, the thing that I love the most about this bag is that it is reversible, the inside is all black and then obviously this is the outside.

I wanted to get the matching wallet with the bag but then I decided to be an adult and say “that is a lot of money for a wallet, you do not need it Sydney” so I decided to get a cute lil wristlet and a card holder.


The lady that was helping me and my mom who was such a doll said that these designs are limited edition or something, I just couldn’t leave it, they were both so cute.  I only got this design because I couldn’t find one that matched my bag which sucked but life.

Either way, this was ALL I got yesterday *pats self on the back*.


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