Too Faced Born This Way Sculpting Concealer

We all know that Jackie Aina helped Too Faced come out with a wider shade range for their Born This Way Foundation which I really do want to try eventually, well when they did this Too Faced decided that they wanted to reformulate the concealer that goes with it, and let me tell you I am so happy that they did this.

Being a black woman, it is sometimes super challenging to find makeup that works with my skin tone even though I am on the lighter side to say the least.  So seeing all of these brands really working and expanding their existing foundations and concealers to be more inclusive is really cool to see.

Either way onto the concealer, so Sephora had their sale a week ago and the concealer was the only thing I wanted, only thing I got and only thing I really needed so we really had some self control there.  I got the shade Butterscotch which I determined from watching Alissa Ashley’s video because we are around the same shade and I always use her as a shade reference when I am ordering online and she has yet to fail me.

trend mood

This photo was taken from Trendmoods instagram account, for those who don’t know who TrendMood is, she is the TMZ for the beauty community.

This concealer is lightweight yet full coverage, not cakey and very easy to blend out hence why it can be a multi use item.

I wore this concealer on one of my hottest days and it only creased in the folds of my eyes where I have a lil wrinkle action going on but that was about the extent of it.  It stays on all day, like all day heat and all.

The only thing that I do not like about this concealer is that it only comes in 20 shades, and majority of the shades are for people with a lighter skin tone.  Hopefully one day they will come out with more deeper shades but until then, this concealer is a must have.

No lie.


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