Decluttering my Everyday Makeup Collection

I love watching decluttering videos on Youtube, it is so satisfying I don’t even know why.  Either way, I ordered a bunch of new stuff and I also bought a bunch of new stuff and I know that I have some makeup that is either super old or that I hate so I thought why not declutter  & show you guys.


First I started with my most important drawer, this has all of my concealers, eyelash glue, tweezers and thinks that I usually reach for.  This drawer had a lot of old shit in it that needed to go.


On the left in the acrylic drawer is all of the things that I decided I needed to keep, and on the right is all the stuff that needed to go into the garbage because it is either super old or basically done and I was just holding onto it for dear life.




In this drawer, I had some pressed powders and highlighters, basically any compact with a circular shape was in this drawer.




Pathetic right?  I got rid of an ELF finishing powder, or face powder idk and a left baked highlighter that was super old and something that I also never ever reach for.




Next we have some face palettes & bronzers, well any compact that is in square form is in this drawer.


I got rid of the ELF Bronzer Palette because as you guys have seen in an earlier post, I prefer the contour palette, I also got rid of the Urban Decay Naked Face Palette as it is hella old, and I also got rid of that blush, bronzer and highlight palette because it was super old as well.




Foundation, the most important thing in my collection, I have some foundations stick and liquid and I have one primer in there.


img_9605I got rid of a Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation because it was super old and I am pretty sure it isn’t even my shade, Milani 2 in 1 foundation was also super old.  The ELF primer was just not my favourite so it got the boot, the Tarte concealer is my everything but it is finished and I so need to buy a new one.  The Clinique foundation just was not my shade at all and I have no clue why I held onto it for thing long.


Lippies, I have liquid lips, lip glosses, lip liners and some eyeliners are thrown in there as well.  I have a lot of Colourpop and NYX in here.




I got rid of a bunch of the Colourpop Liquid lips that either didn’t work for me, or that were SUPER old, and when I say old I mean OLD, like 4+ years now I don’t know about you but that sounds super cringe worthy.




This is last but not least, some Colourpop Super Shock Eyeshadows, Highlighters, and some palettes.




I ended up throwing out two ELF Highlighters, a Smashbox eyeshadow duo and all of these were old as hell.  The eyeshadow palette is something that I never used therefore I am going to give it away.




This is all of the makeup that I ended up throwing out, and everything else will be given away to either friends or Donna (my mom) as there is NOTHING wrong with these items.



We are at the end, and my makeup collection feels so much lighter, well my everyday makeup collection feels so much lighter.  I think I might do the REST of my makeup next, well that’s if I am feeling up to it you know.


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