Las Vegas – Ulta/ Wal-Mart Haul

I went to Las Vegas, why you are wondering?  My favourite cousin got married and of course I had to be there, specifically to see my two lil chunky butts (her 8 month old twin boys).

I had to take one day just to go to an Ulta & Wal-Mart because I had a list of things I wanted to get that I know I would not be able to get anywhere in Canada.


I FINALLY GOT ME SOME TARTE SHAPE TAPE, anyone who lives in Canada knows that this concealer is a BITCH to get over here, you have to order it from the tarte website and pay outrageous amounts for me.  I can’t wait to try it because I have been waiting years for the moment to own this.  For those wondering, I got the shade tan-deep sand.


FYI before anyone comes for me, yes you can buy this in Canada but it is kind of hard to find the whole entire shade range over here, either way I got the Covergirl Tru Blend Matte Made foundation in the shade T80 which works for me, I could have done T90 if anything but life, I wore this foundation two or three times and it looks super nice on the skin.


We also can’t get makeup revolution easily in Canada.  I saw it once when I was in Vancouver but of course they did not have my shade, but that was only in the stick foundation.  As we can see, I got both the foundation and concealer, I hear nothing but good things about these two products so I am excited af to try them.  I got the foundation in the shade F-13 and the concealer in the shade C13.


I don’t know why I got this but I did so we shall roll with it, even though I have so much loose powders I could drown.  Either way you guys can clearly see what it is, shall I say more?


This, this right here is what I have been wanting for the longest time.  The Coty AirSpun Loose Face Powder   I think I paid $5.97 for this at Wal-Mart and there are like 2.3 OZ which is a lot considering most loose powders come way smaller.  I got the shade Translucent.  I have heard so many things about this powder, I am excited.


I got this Morphe Bronzer & Highlighter, they both look super pretty swatched so I shall see how they preform since in all honesty, I don’t use a lot of Morphe shit since shipping to Canada can be EXPENSIVE.  The bronzer is in the shade Debutante, and the highlighter is in the shade Spark.


Just a PSA, I personally don’t like Jaclyn Hill but I will admit her work is bomb, so when I saw this I was like I might as well just get ONE because these palettes are hella pretty and this is so in my colour range, I got the “Ring The Alarm” Palette from the Vault Collection thing with Morphe, I want to use it and do a full review on it later.


I picked up this Milani eyeshadow palette in Pure Passion and let me tell you bitch, it is beautiful, I used this palette for my cousins wedding and the eyeshadows preformed so well, and the tones are super beautiful.


Last but not least, I got this Covergirl Chocoholic Bronzer, which to me looks for like a highlighter if we are being real.  I swatched it and I still don’t know what the purpose of it is, but I guess we shall try it out later, by the way it smells like chocolate which is just amazzzzzinnnnnnggggg.

Anyways, this is all the makeup that I got in Vegas and I can’t wait to start trying out some more products!


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