ELF Contour Palette vs ELF Bronzer Palette

Hey babies, so as we all know ELF is my favourite brand to date.  They are hella affordable and have some good quality shit.

We all know how I feel about the contour palette but the other day, I ordered the bronzer palette.

I decided to compare the two because they are so different.

First I am going to go into detail about the bronzer palette.

This palette comes with a gold highlighter, a deeper yellowish/ tan under eye highlighting shade & two different contour shades.


These are my terrible swatches, but the highlight is super subtile which I love, the shade beside it is the yellow tan shade which works out to closely match my foundation so if I don’t want a lil highlight under my eyes I can use that.  The third shade is the one that I use to contour like everyday, and then the fourth one is a shade that just doesn’t work for me.  This palette blends out super beautifully and the shades work perfect for my skin tone.


This is the palette in the flesh and honestly, this is my go to, even when I am doing makeup on other people I use this palette because it is so bomb and not to mention, very affordable.

Next, we shall move onto the bronzer palette.  There are also four shades in this palette and it is the exact same price as the contour one.


Catch this joke, my picture is upside down, but this website is about realness?  Am I wrong? Do I not keep it real with you guys? I think I do.  Anyways, there are four bronzers in this palette, two are shimmery and two are matte.  I tried the matte shade which is on the bottom right hand corner and it was very ashy on me, if anything you’d think that would be a contour shade since bronzers are the ones that are suppose to be warm.


The warmest shade in this palette is the second last shade from the bottom but in my opinion even has a shimmery bronzer, there are what seems to be chunks of glitter which is weird in my humble opinion.

Either way, if I had to burn one palette, it would be the bronzer one because I don’t know what it is but those shades are just NOT it.  This is so not a hit against ELF because I love so many of their other things but this palette was just a no for me.


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