Makeup Series: Concealer for WOC

I am back again with another instalment in my makeup series which specifically focuses on products for WOC.  Today I am going to be talking about concealers because they are my favourite thing in the whole wide world.

LA Girl Pro Concealer

la girl

The first concealer I am going to mention is so well known and loved and that is the LA Girl Pro Concealer, this was the first concealer I ever bought and I use it to this day.  For me personally I have really dry skin so I don’t use it under my eyes as it can be drying for me but I use this to conceal my eyebrows.  This concealer is only about $4 and lasts FOREVER and the shade range is insane, there is literally a colour for EVERYONE.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealers


As we all know I live for the Fit Me line and I also live for the concealer, I use this everyday under my eyes to achieve a “cover these bags but don’t make me look hella caked” look and I love it.  I personally use the shade 35 to highlight and if I wanted something a little bit closer to my skin tone for whatever reason I would use the shade 30.  I will say that they 100% need to work on expanding the concealer line because I feel like they could do so much better like they’ve done with the foundations.

NYX HD Concealer


I just recently tried out the NYX HD Concealer and I love it with my whole entire life.  I started off using this under my eyes and it looked so good but then I realized I should try a ting and I started using it all over my face as foundation on days where I really wasn’t feeling putting on a lot of makeup and let me tell you this shit is the truth like it makes my face look so good.  I do feel like NYX is one of those brands who is really trying to be inclusive and from what I’ve seen their shade ranges were not BAD before but I know they are getting better.

Colourpop No Filter Concealers


I totally forgot about these because when I got them I literally used majority of the contents of the bottle and I am pretty sure I need new ones but yes, these concealers are $6 USD and they are amazing whether you want to use them under your eyes and on the high points or all over your face.  When they first came out with the shades they had a good range but since coming out with the foundations they’ve expanded and we love an inclusive brand.

MAC Pro Long wear Concealer


This is such a throw back to when I would only use MAC products because that was the popular thing to do.  I do think that MAC is an amazing brand and their products are 100% high quality, like for example if I ever had to wear one brand of lipstick for the rest of my days, it would be MAC.  Either way, MAC has a pretty good shade selection and this concealer was hella high coverage.


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