Makeup Series: Foundation for WOC

I am back at it again with foundations for women of colour.

This one is a little hard to as a lot of makeup lines DO NOT carry foundations for every skin tone, I mean hey some brands don’t even carry foundation for my skin tone & I am not even that dark. Wild huh.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation


This has to be hands down one of my favourite foundations and I love the fact that they are always expanding and trying to be as inclusive as possible.  I love the whole Fit Me line if we are being honest.  They are making it possible for everyone to be able to enjoy makeup.  I love the smooth & dewy & the matte and pore less options.  This foundation is no more then $10, but if you catch it on sale you can get it for $6.

The Ordinary Serum & Full Coverage Foundation

Serum Foundation

I spoke about the brand “The Ordinary” a few month ago and how much I live for their serum foundation, I bought their full coverage foundation when I was in Vancouver as I went to the store that actually sells the foundation.  The foundation has a very light weight feel and personally for me the serum foundation gives me a nice even coverage and it is also vegan which is a bomb option for those who go for cruelty free brands.  This foundation retails for only $6.

LA Girl Pro Coverage HD Liquid Foundation

la girl pro

LA Girl is known to be a very inclusive brand when it comes to women of colour, every WOC I know uses their HD Concealer, that is actually the first concealer I owned and now that I have bossed up a little I just use the concealer to shape my brows since it has the little brush on it and I am super lazy.  Either way, this foundation is good for short use but not all day, I don’t know what it is but this foundation just doesn’t stay on my face all day.  I will say that if you mix it with another foundation it will work bomb.  But then again, this foundation may work for you.

Estee Lauder Double Wear

estee lauder

This foundation is so full coverage it hurts if you know what I mean.  It use to be one of my favourite foundations like ever but it’s so expensive to keep repurchasing.  This foundation retails for about $48 CAD on the Sephora website, this foundation will give you the most beautiful finish, but if you get the wrong shade, the flash back in pictures will be insane.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Lorea’l True Match Foundation


I don’t use this foundation anymore, but when I was younger and just started wearing foundation I wore this.  I would beg my mom to take me to the flea market so I could go and buy it.  I literally have no complaints about this foundation what so ever, the only reason I stopped using it was because I got a job and learned about MAC makeup.  I think this foundation is around $15 & the shade range is CRAZY.

MAC Studio Fix Liquid & Powder Foundation


Yes, anyone who knows about the MAC Studio Fix line knows, yes I use to wear both of these products together.  Either way, I know the liquid foundation can clog pores but again the shade range is amazing and it has a beautiful finish.  Now lets talk about the powder foundation, that shit is amazing.  Literally the only powder I use to set my whole entire face.  When I was younger I use to wear this powder alone and my face literally looked so flawless.  I swear by this powder and would never use anything else.

You might realize that all of these foundations aren’t the BEST out, but that is just MY opinion.  What for others may not work for me and that’s okay.  I just want WOC to be aware of the options which are out here for them.






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