Makeup Series: Bronzers for WOC

I have decided to start a lil makeup series.

Every Saturday I will be posting about products and brands that are super bomb, most will be affordable.

As a black women, or a WOC as most like to say, it is hard out here to find makeup that works for my skin tone.  Even though I am not predominantly dark, it was at one point a STRUGGLE to find bronzers that would even show up on my skin.  Everyday I get questions from women like me asking for advice on which products and brands might work for them, hence the series.  Some of you may be thinking why I didn’t mention certain products but I am only mentioning products that I personally own.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Bronzers:

anastasia-beverly-hills-bronzers-2.jpgI have the ABH contour kit which is a classic, but when I saw that they were coming out with bronzers I was so excited, bronzer is most likely my favourite makeup product hands down.  This bronzer goes on hella smooth and is very easy to blend out, which is something I look for when looking at bronzers.  I personally wear the shade cappuccino.  This bronzer is $36 CAD and totally worth it in my opinion.  I purchased mine straight from Sephora.

ELF Cosmetics:

I actually have a few products from ELF Cosmetics.  Funny story, my first and favourite bronzer was from ELF.

Primer Infused Bronzer


This bronzer goes on so smooth and blends so beautifully as well.  I personally use the shade constantly bronzed.  My hopes for this specific line of bronzers is that they come out with shades that will work on DEEPER skin tones as it is 2018 and we do need to be 100% inclusive.

ELF Contour Palette


It took me years to finally man up and buy this even though it literally cost me $3 USD, but it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I have mine in the shade dark/deep or deep/dark I don’t know which one comes first but it is the darkest shade.  This is a contour palette that I actually use everything in it, okay I lied a bit I don’t use the bronzer which is the bottom left one, but everything else is bomb, even the highlighter which is shocking.  I feel like this kit can work on a wider range of skin tones & it’s hella affordable.

Bronzer/ Blush Duo


This my friends, is the first bronzer I ever owned.  I didn’t even know if this would work for me but I went ahead and ordered it anyways because it wouldn’t hurt to try.  This is the only bronzer I used for YEARS AND YEARS and before anyone asks, I wouldn’t touch that blush even if I was paid.  I am pretty sure that ELF has discontinued this shade and has come out with some other shades, which will work on even deeper skin tones which is an amazing thing.  This is in the shade Antigua.  Just an FYI this bronzer does have shimmer in it, but I love it.


Karrueche x Colourpop Fem Rosa Blush/Bronzer/ Highlighter


This lil baby palette is nice for people with deeper skin tones as the highlighter is a straight gold, the blush is like a deep mauve & the bronzer/ contour powder is a neutral under toned deeper brown.  I feel like this works for a wide range of skin tones which is amazing.

Wet n’ Wild Megaglo Contour Palette

wet n wild

This is one of my favourite contour palettes, the bronzer is a cool brown which is perfect for contouring & the yellow powder is so bomb, no one knows.  This is one of those duos that can work for a multitude of skin tones light and dark.  Sadly I had to say goodbye to mine the other day as I dropped it and the whole contour side shattered & I haven’t been able to find it anywhere as it’s sold out.

All in all, I do have a few MAC bronzers but they aren’t worth mentioning in my opinion as I don’t use them much at all.



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