hummingbird – sophia elaine hanson

I am back with another poetry book review because reading poetry is good for the soul I swear.

I just finished reading hummingbird by sophia hanson & honestly I don’t know how to feel about it.

Sophia is the author of the number one amazon bestselling young adult novel, Vinyl: Book one of the Vinyl Trilogy and hummingbird is her first collection of poetry.  Inside the book, she stated that she never planned on sharing her poetry as it was very personal documenting some things that she had personally been through but she realized that by not sharing her work it would fester therefore she decided to turn them into a book to share with her dedicated readers and the rest of the world.

While I can deeply appreciate that, again I will mention that when I read poetry I love reading books that I can personally relate to or would have been able to relate to even if it was years ago.  Again this isn’t a book I could relate to on a bigger scale.

I will say that everything in this book is 100% poetry, and not ideas and or advice like some of the others books I have read.

The way she put her words together were beautiful, like honestly and truly.  That is one positive thing about this book.

As much as I thought this composition of this book was beautiful I personally didn’t like it for MYSELF, if that makes sense.



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