Letting Go is an Acquired Taste – Christina Hart

I finally got some new poetry books and the first one I decided to read was “Letting Go is an Acquired Taste” by Christina Hart, I got mine on Amazon for around $8.00 CAD.

This book in particular is very small and only has 41 pages of poetry. The first poem in this book will give anyone an insight to what is to come, the first poem was:

“For the few men I’ve loved –

I”m letting you go now.”

That really sat with me for some reason.

This particular poetry book is for someone who needs the strength to get out of a bad relationship or someone who has recently gotten out of a bad or unhealthy relationship.

Me now? Cannot relate to either.

Therefore this book didn’t really hit me the way some poetry books do because I simply cannot relate at all at this point in my life.  I have let go of all the toxic men that have been in my life in the past and I am in a way better place and also very single with no man troubles for the time being.

Either way, if you are going through any of the above things mentioned or you have not been able to find peace with a relationship that has ended I totally recommend that you read this book.

Totally unrelated but what I have been doing with my poetry books lately is giving them away because these are the types of books I honestly and truly only read once.



2 thoughts on “Letting Go is an Acquired Taste – Christina Hart

    1. It could be applied to a situation where you may need closure because everything is STILL fresh & there are a lot of triggers. That’s all I can think of really.


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