Prime Video

I’ve had Amazon Prime for around 8-9 months and I didn’t know that Prime Video came with it until around last week.


Either way that’s besides the point at this point.

I have been a Netflix Stan for a countless number of years and anyone who watches Netflix knows that Netflix can get a little bit boring from time to time as they aren’t adding new shows/ movies OR new seasons to said shows often.  When they do, you binge watch it in 3.5 seconds flat and next thing you know you have nothing to watch at all.

For me Prime Video was just a breath of fresh air because I was going to be getting something different, for me someone who loves crime shows & a multitude of documentaries this really had me shook.

I will say that there are a few shows on here that Netflix has, and also I think Netflix layout is set up a little bit better as it is way more organized and every show has all the seasons available under it.

Currently I am watching 72 hours, which goes over a lot of cases where the most important and vital evidence was found in the first 72 hours, I have seen some of the cases on this show already which is totally fine I just skip over them.  Also one thing I really like about this show is that a lot of these cases come straight out of Toronto in the late 1980’s and 1990’s which is cool because I live there and yeah it’s cool.

I already have a little watch list put together of some crime documentaries and series that I shall share with you guys.  The watch lists are separated by TV Shows & Movies.

TV Shows:

  1. Crime Scene Solvers
  2. Forensic Investigators
  3. Crimes of Passion
  4. Murderous Minds – Inside Serial Killers
  5. Unsolved Mysteries
  6. Crimes of the Century


  1. The Pedophile Hunter
  2. 49 Angels
  3. Psychopath: Redefining “Rational”
  4. American Dope: Acid Dreams
  5. The Prince of Honour:  Never a Memory
  6. The Gangster Files
  7. Catching Hell in the City of Angels
  8. Impact: After the Crash

Basically for the next few weeks I will be unavailable due to all the shows I need to watch.



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