Clarisonic Mia 1

While I was in Vancouver my friend told me that the Clarisonic Mia 1 which she had was on sale for like $101 and she told me it was so worth that price and thats the cheapest she has ever seen it, so what did Sydney do?  I ran and ordered it online.

FYI, the Mia 1 is the first Clarisonic to be released I think, therefore you are unable to change the speed but that doesn’t bug me at all.

I knew she loved that face brush so much for the simple fact that the NIGHT BEFORE my flight, she asked very nicely if I would go to her house and pick up a bag of stuff she wanted me to bring for her, in that bag included the Clarisonic she left here in February.

The difference between a Clarisonic and a regular face brush is simple, a regular spin brush just rotates, while a Clarisonic vibrates, therefore all depending on the brush head you have it is softer on the skin and it is more effective when cleaning as the spin brush just kind of moves around the dirt.

This brush is also known to remove makeup up to 6x better then using your bare hands and after a few uses you should see the texture in your skin change and less visible pores.

The Clarisonic also has a multitude of different heads, they even have one to apply foundation I think, I am not too sure if it’s with this model but it might be with some of the newer ones.

The one I ordered came with one head which was really gentle on my sensitive skin and it also came with a cleanser which I am afraid to try for the simple fact that my skin is so sensitive and mama can not afford another break out if we are being real.

For me personally, I can see the difference because my pores aren’t clogged anymore and my skin is viably more soft and clear.

It is recommended that you use the brush two times a day so once in the morning and once at night, so I try and abide by that but ya girl gets lazy sometimes.

Either way, yes I understand this brush is hella expensive but I want to invest in myself therefore I gotta invest in my skin and I feel like this is one tool that can take slightly problematic skin to the next level.  Plus I got it on sale, can you really be mad at me?


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