NYX HD Concealer

While I was in Vancouver I went to a drug store called “London Drugs” because I wanted to check out their very wide range of drug store makeup.

They had a HUGE area for NYX and a lot of the stuff was on sale so I picked up like two of my butter glosses, I am in love with the shade Praline.

I also saw that they had the HD Concealer on sale and I have been wanting to try it for so long I literally grabbed a shade I thought would work and ran with it.

Funny enough, the shade I ended up picking up which was Tan/Bronze.

There are 23 different shades including some colour correcting shades which is pretty good, but obviously as a black woman, I feel like it could be better.

Also I am not crazy out the undertones when we get into the darker shades, I feel like brands want to try and include darker skin tones now BUT their undertones are so off it makes us look crazy.

It does wonders for the under eyes, but my only issue with it is, the shade was a little too dark to highlight with, so if I did use it under my eye I would have to follow up with a yellow powder to get back some dimension in my face.

Today, I had a limited amount of time to get my life together to go out so I thought “why not use this concealer on my face instead of going through the motions with foundation” so I did it and woah this shit looked amazing. I then put on my regular concealer, did some cream contouring and went on about my day.

Writing this a few hours later, it has held up pretty good I won’t lie.


As we can see on my face, I need to sleep but of course this was more important.

We all know I have dry & sensitive skin which is a whole ass struggle but considering all of that, this concealer worked really well on me therefore I am peer pressuring you guys to try it out, because its A good quality & B affordable.


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