Rose Water

I know I am not the only one who gets all excited when I am looking at a new facial spray that says it has rose water and all those other amazing hydrating things in it.

But have you stopped to think, “what can rose water do for me on its own?”.

I bought a bottle of rose water the other day at the grocery store for literally $2 because I heard that rose water on its own is bomb.

I totally forgot I bought it & went into Donna’s washroom (my mom) and saw the bottle I had picked up.

I sucked it up and bought another bottle and let me tell you it was one of my smarter decisions.  I don’t think I’ll ever buy one of those fancy facial sprays with rose water in it again.


Some of the benefits of rose water are,

Helps to maintain skins PH balance

Controls excess oil

Hydrates & moisturizes the skin

It is anti bacterial

The way that I personally use it is, I bought a lil travel spray bottle from the dollar store and I dumped it in there and I just spray it on my face before I do my makeup, after I do my makeup and after I wash my face at night when I am getting ready for bed.

What is crazy is that you can use rose water for things other then skincare, I mean you can use it to make lemonade, how do I know this you wonder?  There is a recipe on the back of the bottle.

Some people, use rose water as a toner, in their hair, or as a way to combat acne.  All in all, rose water is something that you need in your life.  Side note, I have mad sensitive skin and this does not irritate me at all, which is a plus in my books.



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