A week in Vancouver

I am back here at the Vancouver Airport READY to go back home.

It isn’t because I didn’t enjoy myself because I did, but I do really need some structure in my life at this point in time.  All week I have been eating like its my last week on earth which I will show you later, but also I’ve just been making poor decisions and I am ready to be an adult again!

I also really miss my bed, my mama & my princess (my car).

This week the weather was hella trash but you know what, that is okay.  I tried out so many new restaurants, I went to The Arbour which is a vegan restaurant twice, there was this waiter there named Miles who is actually my new favourite human.  He heard me say very loudly, “I don’t fuck with broccoli” and he thought it was the most iconic line.  Too bad I took pictures but totally didn’t save them.

Next, we went to a chain restaurant called White Spot, where I did actually save the food pictures.

We got Spinach Dip with Nan Bread and that shit was amazing, but of course they don’t provide you with enough bread because that would be way too good to be true.


For my actual meal, I got this chicken burger which was iconic to say the least.


It would have been way too easy for me to rotate that picture right?

Last night, which was our last night we went to a restaurant called Earls which I know we have in Toronto but either way your girl has never been.  Wondering what we got to share while we waited on our food?

SPINACH DIP, you guessed it.  This one was mad iconic though, like it was amazing.


Yes, this time they gave us enough bread, it was great.

For my FRIENDS meal, she is a vegetarian almost vegan so she got a veggie burger with fries.


Me now, I can’t go to a restaurant and not want to order pasta so I went all basic and got Chicken Alfredo but it wouldn’t be a real restaurant trip if they didn’t fuck up one of our meals, I was the victim this time & my chicken literally was no where to be found, I did eventually get it if you cared.


If you were wondering, yes it was amazing & yes that is a big ass piece of Garlic Bread.

Overall, this was a cool experience.  I haven’t really gone anywhere in the past 5 years so this was well needed in my opinion.

I am also going to vegas in august so look out for that one.



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