Vancouver Day 3..

I have been here for three days and most people are wondering what the hell have I done?

The first day was a complete flop as my travel plans got all the way fucked up thanks to 5 different delays.

The day I got here we just ended up going to a vegan restaurant as it was my friends birthday and I told her I’d take her out.

Day 2, I unpacked basically got no sleep and sat in Starbucks trying to get my life together.

That night we had plans but it just did not pan out, so we went BACK to the vegan restaurant and there was one server who literally had my heart, he was the CUTEST and remembered me from the night before because he could not believe that I said “I don’t fuck with broccoli” out in the open, he thought it was the funniest thing ever, but lets be real that’s just me being regular.

We are onto day 3 and I spent majority of it sleeping, it is now 4PM here and I just got my coffee, like who am i?

I know what we are going to have so much fun on the weekend which I am hella excited for because I’ll actually get to see Vancouver.

PS, I miss my mom already LOL.


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