Elf Cosmetics 50% off sale

I am currently in Vancouver completely dedicated to making my website great again, well at least posting more often and trying to come up with ideas and new content.

A few weeks ago I had a really bad reaction to a cream and then I saw that Elf was having 50% off their website so I decided to get some things and make myself a lil happy again.


I saw that they had a whole bunch of hydrating mists so I ended up getting the coconut mist & aloe mist.  Wondering where the aloe mist is?  Well I was showing my mom what I got all excited and then she went a lil crazy on me and basically said that it was very rude of me to order all this stuff and not buy anything for her, so I asked what she wanted and she said the aloe mist, so mama got what mama wanted.  I have been using the coconut mist for a few weeks and I love it for under my makeup, over my makeup I basically love using it all the dam time.


Second, we all know how I feel about this peeling exfoliant therefore I don’t need to go into this, but this is one of the best exfoliators out.  This was just a repurchase.


Booster drops?  I don’t even know what they are used for or why I even got them but I got them and you know what, when I get back home I am going to make it a point to use them!


I live for sheet masks and I already used these and want more because they made my skin look like a brand new woman like what?  I think these sheet masks are $4 on a regular basis, maybe cheaper & yes they are sensitive skin approved.


When I say I have wanted this contour kit for years but it just never made the cut for some reason, this time it did and I got it for only $3.  This quickly became one of my all time favourite contour kits therefore I actually brought it to Vancouver with me which is a big deal since I picked this over my ABH one.

I also got some makeup wipes because ELF sells my all time favourite makeup wipes and when they have their sale I take it upon myself to stock up on makeup wipes for me and my mom since I get two packs for $2.50 USD.



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