We Hope This Reaches You In Time – r.h sin & Samantha King Holmes

I have been missing for a while I know.

I am currently writing this post sitting in a Vancouver Airport waiting for my  best friend to finish work so we can live our best lives.

On my dreadful 5 hour flight here I finally finished “We Hope This Reaches You In Time” by r.h sin & his wife Samantha King Holmes.

I have reviewed a bunched of r.h sin’s books before, but his wife has a book called “Born to love, cursed to feel” which I have never read, but once I realized these two came out with a book together, I was so here for it.  A husband and wife duo?  Nothing better in my humble opinion.

I was really excited about this book because I have been very interested in what Samantha’s writing style was like.

This book was exactly 100 pages, Samantha took the first half & r.h sin took the second half.

Samantha’s half felt A LOT like someone giving me advice more then poetry, but it does say that this book consists of poetry, ideas & prone which made me feel a bit better about the fact that not everything was poetry.  Samantha obviously gives a female perspective on things like heart ache, toxic relationships and etc therefore it is easier to relate to the things that she has to say.

r.h sins half actually had a good amount of poetry, which I was shocked by as his last few books again felt like advice to me, but also remember that I have only read his cheaper books so I don’t know what some of his other ones could be like.

Besides the fact that someones coffee spilled all over my book, I was really impressed with this one and if you were thinking about buying it you should as I feel like it could help a lot of people heal from whatever issue they are dealing with from relationships to friendships.


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