The Ordinary.

A few posts back I talked about how my new favourite foundation was the serum foundation from the brand The Ordinary which is a super affordable skincare brand.

I wanted to try a few more things from there so I decided to put through another order and I thought why not share what I bought.

img_8530I got another serum foundation because the shade I am currently using which is 3.1Y is a bit orange on me sometimes so this will help to tone it down a lil.  This is the shade 3.0 Y.

img_8528I decided to get a caffeine solution which is suppose to help with eye bags and I know I suffer from that sometimes but then I thought to myself for a minute that my mom has some disrespectful eye bags and she can use it ten times more then me since eye bags are an occasional visitor so I decided to give this one to her.


Next I got 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Moroccan Argan Oil, I know that you can use this oil on your body in your hair and I don’t own it so I thought this would be a good pick up, plus it’s organic.

img_8529Last I got a High -Adherence Silicone Primer which I love, I owned this before but ended up giving it to a friend who needed a primer, I love this alternative to my Laura Mercier Primer which does make my face feel amazing.

The reason I am very picky with what I order from the Ordinary is because a lot if their skincare products are KNOWN to be harsh and I have very sensitive skin, plus I just got over a reaction the order day and my skin is FINALLY back to normal.  For a while there I was literally looking crazy, no lie.

Did I mention that this brand is VERY affordable, most of these products did not cost me over $7 CAD.


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