Bath & Body Works Semi Annual Sale Haul

Finally, I am kind of back to my normal posting schedule, I was slightly burnt out on idea’s which is why I opted to NOT post as often as I was before.

Well today, I went to bath and body works because I got an email that they were having a sale, let me tell you I FUCKED IT UP in there, if you don’t like swearing, I am sorry, well not really but I am sorry.  It is their semi annual sale so this means a lot of good shit was 75% off, or $3.75 which is lit as hell.

I went once on my own and once with my mom and I fucked it up both times.  The first time I left with $107 in savings and the second time I left with $188 in savings, safe to say I should be good for a while.


First thing I picked up when I walked in was the Vanilla Bean spray, body lotion & shower gel.  How could you NOT love Vanilla Bean?  It’s like one of those staple scents, kind of like Warm Vanilla Sugar.


Amber & Argan is a scent I came across by accident I bought the hand cream not realizing how GOOD it smelled.  Today I picked up the body lotion, sugar scrub for my body & the body oil which I am super excited about.


As we can see I LOVE Pink Cashmere, I got TWO different types of body lotion, the shower gel, the sugar scrub & the spray.  I can thank one of my coworkers for making me LOVE this scent so when I saw that basically the whole line was $3.75 I was DIGGING through the bin making sure that I didn’t miss anything.

That is all I got and my mom probably got more then me, but I wanted to try and limit myself as I have a lot of stuff I have yet to use in my collection, so from here on out I am going to work hard on finishing my sprays and lotions.



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