Whiskey Mind Sober Heart – r.h sin

r.h sin did it again when another surprise release that was under $5 which is very affordable for all us broke kids out here.

As soon as this was available on amazon I snatched it up but it took over a week to get here which is kind of annoying but life.

This book was about a 7/10 for me, it still doesn’t top I hope this reaches her in time, but it was better then I hope this reaches her too.

For me this book was about knowing your worth and adding taxes to that bih, also it was about letting go of the toxic relationships in your life and understanding that you will be okay despite what you may think or feel.

It also explains why we may hold onto toxic people for longer then we should and understanding that it is okay to do things like that but eventually you will have to learn to let go and be longer for a little bit.

It also talked about loneliness being okay which is something that I personally needed to hear as I sometimes struggle with the fact that I don’t really have many people in my life and on a day to day basis therefore I chill and pretty much do everything by myself which can get to you from time to time.

Either way, I think that if you need to be healed or if you need some words of encouragement I would get this book.


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