How to clear breakouts on sensitive skin

Hey loves, so anyone who keeps up with my posts knows that I always post Monday, Wednesday and Fridays but this week I haven’t had a chance to post anything and I felt so bad that I decided I was going to post here on a Thursday.

This week I have had a really bad breakout due to a new moisturizer and my skin looked horrid, my skin has finally reverted back to normal but it was a struggle, now I want to share some of the products that helped my overly sensitive skin heal.

First things first, I had to go out and buy my favourite moisturizer which is the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel.


This moisturizer is OIL FREE and extremely hydrating I use this both in the morning and night to get my skin feeling right

Next thing that I used was a hydrating sheet mask, the only I bought in particular was the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrogel Mask.


This mask brought a lot of moisture back into my face since my skin was DRY, it actually felt like sandpaper and that is me not even being extra.

Another thing that I used which people have many opinions on is toothpaste, just an FYI I only put it on really BAD breakouts.


Toothpaste drys out the pimples, and if they are filled with puss it will rise to the surface so you are able to squeeze and or pop them.  Many people have opinions on if this is an effective method but it works for me.

Tea Tree oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it has potential to work as a natural remedy for acne.


I put this on all my breakouts which helps them go down, just keep in mind this has a strong ass smell that may bother you.

I also did a few face masks to help with the irritation.


This has to be one of my favourite masks of all time since it also hydrates the skin which ya girl needed, I talked about this mask in one of my WAY earlier posts.

I also use my TRUSTY Pure Castile Soap, anyone who has been following me for a while knows that this is basically the only thing I use to wash my face.


This is an all natural soap, which helped me so much with my skin, I tell everyone to get it but I will say that if you do buy this soap DO NOT buy anything other then the baby mild if you have sensitive skin because the other scents will do you so dirty as they are very very strong.

The last thing I use is a spin brush, I don’t have a fancy expensive spin brush I literally just have one that I snatched from my mom.

Spin Brush

I feel like a spin brush is more effective then your hands when you are really trying to get shit off your face which is why I opted for this a few times a week when I was trying to clear my skin.  Again you don’t have to buy something super fancy in my opinion, unless you can afford fancy then go ahead.

There are two things I STOPPED doing while my skin was going thru it and that was I stopped wearing any and all makeup because my skin really needed the time to breath, I also did not use any form of face scrubs on my face because in the beginning I did use my brown sugar and coconut oil one and it made my skin look and feel TEN TIMES worst!

I felt the need to make this because I feel like there is not a lot of information on skincare for sensitive skin and I know a lot of people just like me who can breakout from just about anything.


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