Self Care

I feel like self care is something extremely important and a lot of us don’t practice this because we are so busy in our day to day lives.

For example, at one point I was a full time student, working two days a week at a huge law firm & working at my part time job as well.

It got to a point where I lost myself for a minute there.

I found myself and then lost it again when I started working full time hours upon finishing school.

Lately I have been extremely stressed and my body is feeling the effects therefore I thought to myself I need to make time and do things for myself and basically CARE for myself.

I started spending more time with myself which taught me a lot about myself first and foremost.

Also, if you don’t take care of yourself you can’t grow as a person, it’s kind of like the human body, if you don’t feed it, it won’t grow at the rate that it should.

I started doing little things like sleeping it (it is heaven sent), taking baths instead of showers which can be very relaxing, cooking myself a proper breakfast instead of having waffles everyday.  I also did something today which I hadn’t done in a long time & that was reading.  I haven’t been reading since I finished school and I have a load of books on my kindle waiting, plus I still haven’t finished Demonic Dreams like how?

All of these Instagram posts tell you to do the MOST when it comes to self care but like self care can be something as soon as making a cup of tea and reading a book or not being on your phone for an hour so you can spend sometime with yourself.

I feel like the internet gives us all these ideas which at the end of the day makes no sense, but that is a story for another day.

Either way, I want everyone to take care of themselves because if you aren’t 100% that isn’t doing yourself or the people around you any good.

It is okay to take time to be with yourself.


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