Shopping on a budget

Hey babies, I love showing you guys what I get for some weird reason so here I go with another one of these posts.

First I went to Marshals to look for a suitcase as I am going away next month and walked out with everything BUT that suitcase.

img_8394I finally feel like I have gotten this product thing down, I got this glowing face mask which is suppose to make your skin soft.  It also has coconut oil in it and anyone who knows me knows I love anything with coconut oil to be honest.  I got this mask for $3 like can we say deal?


I also got this hydrating body oil for $8 since I broke the last bottle I had, anyways I am super excited to try this one as body oils are life.

A few days later I caught myself at the mall & i went into miniso I think it’s called, its a Japanese store which sells hella affordable shit so you know I was in that.


I ended up getting this perfume called “leo” for $3.99 and it smells bomb if we are being real here.

I also got these two makeup brushes for $3.99 each because ya girl can never have too many brushes, feel me?

Anyways, everything that I have gotten over the past few weeks have been mad affordable and I thought I’d share because that’s what I do.


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