teetalkk | Beauty + Fashion Influencer

I feel like we don’t support each other enough.

I see things that my friends are trying to do & do my most to support because I feel like we as young people don’t support other young people who are just out here trying to make it and live our best lives.


This is why today I am here to bring you teetalkk which is an Instagram account made by one of my friends from HIGH SCHOOL, anyone who knows me personally knows I really don’t speak to many people I went to high school with.

Teetalkk is your #1 source for all things bad, bougie & on a budget.

Tianna basically does it all, she knows how to slay a makeup look, slay some nails whether it just be shellac and even gel and acrylics.  She put me on to some skincare, she even does fashion posts & she does her own hair like hello I could only wish.

Not to mention, remember she does majority of these things on a budget which I love because I personally feel like in todays time everyone wants you to be dripping in designer but like sorry I am just a broke university student & cannot afford that.

Back to the point, check out her Instagram page & give her a follow!

Instagram: teetalkk


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