Coffee Scrub & Mask DYI

Hey babies, so as you guys know I have been super into making my own skincare lately as I want to go more onto the all natural side.

I always look on Pinterest for new things to make & I saw two recipes that included coffee and I was super interested as coffee is a good stimulant for the skin.

First thing I made was coffee mixed with brown sugar and coconut oil.  This is an exfoliant which helps get rid of dead skin which helps with the overall texture of your skin.  Also having coconut oil as an ingredient is very moisturizing as well.

Getting rid of dead skin cells can help flight the signs of aging and also helps for any makeup to go onto your face ten times smoother.

The second thing I made was coffee mixed with honey.  This face masks is suppose to help tighten and brighten the skin.  I had my mom try it and she actually used it as an exfoliant first and hated it until I explained that it was suppose to be used as a mask & then all of a sudden everything made sense.

I probably use this mask once a week if I get the chance to & I love it.



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