Elf Cosmetics

Hey babies, ELF which we all know is my favourite brand had a 50% off sale the other day so we know that I was IN that.

I only ordered a few things that I wanted to try out because I ended up spending a good amount on things I needed like makeup wipes and eyebrow pencils.

First thing I got was this Primer Infused Bronzer in “Constantly Bronzed” and it does come off a bit orange but once it applies to my skin it is the perfect shade.  I like this bronzer as it is matte and applies super smoothly to my skin.

Next I got a Powder Glow Highlighter in the shade “Gold”.  Most are wondering powder?  It is not a liquid, and yes it is but it is a liquid that turns to a powder once it dries on the skin and let me tell you guys this highlight is absolutely beautiful, like no word of a lie, it goes on perfectly and gives me a glow that isn’t too subtle or too blinding.

Last but not least, I got this HD Powder in the shade “Sheer” I feel like I had a powder like this a few years ago but as ELF has grown as a company I feel like they reformulated a lot of stuff so I was like why not give this a try.  This shit makes you look air brushed to the GODS, but I feel like this would not work for people with dry or textured skin because B O Y  it really adheres to ones skin.

I also got a liquid lipstick that I thought was a lipgloss but I hate it so there is no point in me sharing with you guys.

Either way, I told you this was a super small haul as I spend a good majority of my money on stuff that I just needed to stock up on.


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