The Ordinary – Serum Foundation

Hey babies, I know I have fallen off with my posts as I usually post 3 times a week but I am super busy with final projects and trying to find a new second job for the summer.

About a week ago I was just on Snapchat and one of my friends from High school posted some of the skincare stuff she bought and something told me to get my ass to the website asap.  The site is . The had a few skincare brands but the one I was pushed to was “The Ordinary” as they are insanely cheap.  I obviously went to the tab that said “makeup” and saw that they sold two different types of foundation, one was claiming to be more full coverage while the other was a serum foundation, I automatically opted for the serum foundation.

I ended up getting the shade 3.1 Y and it was perfect for me.  By the way, you can also get these products on Sephora’s website, but if you are in Canada and you don’t want to pay for shipping, Deciem is better as you can get free shipping over $25 and if you don’t find that amount in items that you want, shipping is a cool $4.99.

I apply two pumps of this foundation for an even coverage.  I use my booty blender (beauty blender) to apply it, at first it appeared a little orange but after applying concealer and powder it was literally perfect.  It was like it oxidized LIGHTER after a few minutes if that is even possible.

Let’s all take a moment to point out my crusty lash glue as I’ve had my makeup on for OVER 12 hours but look at this foundation it still looks super bomb, fresh and lightweight.  I like to keep it 100% real here as we can clearly see lol.

This foundation literally lasts all day and it gives me a matte finish which I am really not mad at.  Wow, I am really realizing that I didn’t tell you guys the price, this foundation was $6.40 CAD

The main thing I love about this foundation is it’s not heavy so it will not clog my pores and have my skin looking disgusting when it time to take it off at night and it doesn’t look super cakey either which is something that has been such a turn off for me lately.

All in all, this foundation is super lightweight and I am pretty sure it’ll do more good then harm to your skin.


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