Dreams & Reality Overview.. Waiting for Demonic Dreams.

As we all know, I have finished all there is of the Dreams and Reality Series by Hadena James at the moment and I am patiently waiting on the release of Demonic Dreams which should be coming out within the next week or so I hope.  I am so impatient that I reread Fortified Dreams & I am now currently in the works of rereading Butchered Dreams.

All and all, I think the Dreams & Reality Series is one of the best series I have read to date, the excitement I had reminded me of the Fina Ludlow series that I have talked about in my earlier days, the other difference with this series is we are dealing with a whole bunch of Sociopaths & Psychopaths what basically in my eyes have some super human abilities.  I think that Hadena did an amazing job writing this series and forming these characters.  Every single character has their own messed up background and their own story yet, they fit perfectly together.  I mean some books were more boring than others but all in all it was a very well written series and again, I cannot wait for Demonic Dreams to be released.

For those who aren’t aware, I finally folded and bought a Kindle because I realized that the books on there were really cheap and that I could also get free books.  The first book I downloaded on my Kindle was Elysium Dreams which was free.  This book was the second book in the series but either way I was like “let’s go for it” once I finished reading it I realized that this was a series I really loved therefore I back tracked a little and starting reading the first book which I got a lot more background information and knowledge on all of the characters and their forming relationships.

I don’t want to go to in-depth and break it down by each book because I think that is not needed seeing as I have a whole category for this series which reviews following each book but the first.

This series was very detailed and well written out.  One thing that I noticed in any of the books that I read, Aislinn the main character would always give a little detail about her background therefore no matter at which book you started at, you were not 100% lost.

Out of all 12 of these books, Fortified Dreams was my favourite & I also read that it was the hardest book Hadena had written.  She basically said it had taken a lot out of her to write that book and I can 100% see why.

Either way, I am patiently waiting on Demonic Dreams..  Hadena said it should be out around April 20th so I am going on a reading STRIKE & finishing a series called “Don’t Pay We’ll Take it Away” which is on Netflix but I got through a whole season in like one day.


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