Flawless Dreams (Dreams & Reality Series Book 12)

I have finally finished all the books that are currently out for this series, 12 books in 2 months.  WOW I am shook and proud of myself at the same time.

I just found out that Demonic Dreams (book 13) is coming out this month, and I could cry because even Hadena herself said that once readers finish Flawless Dreams they are going to want Demonic Dreams like yesterday.

Four months ago, the branch of the federal government that enforces the Serial Killer & Mass Murder laws was attacked. It was organized and used every ruthless killer that could be scrounged up to carry it out. Aislinn Cain and the SCTU lead the charge to take back their neighborhood and the Fortress.

They succeeded, but at high costs to law enforcements and civilians. It left Kansas City and the government reeling. Backlash was immediate and harsh. The Violent Crimes Unit of the FBI was disbanded, leaving Malachi Blake and Caleb Green without jobs. Aislinn Cain was suspended for three months. However, the worst part was that most of the killers involved escaped.

When piles of bones begin turning up in public parks around Kansas City, nobody wants to deal with such a blatant statement that a serial killer is stalking their backyards. He’s organized and arranges to the bones to shock anyone that might find them. He wants everyone to read the stories that the bones tell about his victims.

With all the turmoil, Aislinn Cain’s suspension is lifted so that she can lead her own unit to track this home town serial killer. Most of her team are in training, only Xavier Reece is familiar with the rules of the SCTU. They are the beginnings of a second SCT unit. They must move quickly though because this killer has been at it for years and has suddenly accelerated his killing pace.
Just as Aislinn thinks things can’t get any worse, a mystery man shows up. He brings violence and death with him. Her unwanted stalker is willing to kill for her, but she doesn’t know who he is or why. Until she gets a single clue and realizes the past of one SCTU member could force them to stop investigating the bone cleaner and start a frantic search for a far darker serial killer.

This book literally left me on a cliff hanger, I don’t like it and I need Demonic Dreams like today.  When I first read the description I thought that the other members got fired or something but all of the characters are still there thank god.

This book also gave me a better understanding of Aislinn’s injuries during Fortified Dreams since she basically went to war with her brother & grandfather by her side in order to take back the Fortress and how they are affecting her.

This book was amazing, but as I said, can I please have Demonic Dreams like YESTERDAY!


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