Fortified Dreams (Dreams & Reality Series Book 11)

Here we are, on book 11 wondering where the time has really gone.  I have been reading this series for almost two months now and I am mourning the ending of it.

A network of organized serial killers exists; Aislinn Cain and the SCTU have now seen evidence of it. Yet, they lack leads to pursue the organization.

When the serial killers go on the offensive, Aislinn Cain wakes to find herself living her worst fears. They have stormed the Federal Offices where Nyleena Clachan works and staged an uprising within the Fortress.

To bring an end to this madness and find out who is behind it all, sacrifices will have to be made. The costs will be high as Aislinn and the team go up against some of the baddest serial killers that exist.

Let me tell you, this book was hot fire flames.  Everyone came together, including Aislinn’s brother and grandfather who are actually serving life sentences at the fortress for murder.

For those who don’t get what the “Fortress” is, it is a federal prison that houses the baddest of the baddest killers.  They have Cannibals, mass murderers one being Aislinn’s own brother, rapists, men who think that they are werewolf’s to say the least.  A riot broke out and now Aislinn & her team including Malaichi need to figure out how to get it back into the control of the government.

To do this, everyone has to be on their toes and Aislinn has to face the fact that a lot of the men in there really want to say that they were the ones to kill her, but with her brother and grandfather by her side throughout the whole war, she is basically untouchable.  I feel like I might be sharing too much but I don’t care because this book was that juicy.

I loved this book mainly because we got to learn more about Aislinn’s relationship with her brother who is always mentioned but only appears throughout the series a few times in short clips. Also, we learn more secrets that Aislinn’s mother has been keeping from her which are again, very juicy.

I think that I could say that this was one of my favourite books out of the series, i mean nothing will beat Elysium Dreams because that book was literally insane.

All in all, I think you guys know where I am headed with this.  This book was amazing I think everyone needs to read this series because this author is so underrated it is not even funny.  She definitely came with the HEAT.


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