All Natural Homemade Skincare..

Hey loves, so I finally made the decision to make my own skincare products at home with shit I had in my kitchen.

First, I got little glass jars from the dollar store, then I went home and started researching recipes.

I found a lot on pinterest, but there were only a few that really sat with me.

Brown Sugar & Coconut Oil Body & Face Scrub

Making this scrub was super super easy, I just poured some brown sugar into a bowl, then I took a few spoonfuls of coconut oil & mixed them all together.  I used this scrub to fight all the dead skin on my lips and I used it on my face and oh my jesus it had my skin feeling like BUTTER, I also used it on my moms hands and she literally loved it.

Oatmeal Mask

Making this mask was a little bit of a mess for me but what isn’t?  For this mask I used some regular plain old oatmeal, I then mixed in some raw honey & a small amount of olive oil then mixed everything together.  Out of the three things that I made this had to be my least favourite, but this is a mask that will soothe the skin if you have irritation.

Green Tea Scrub

This one probably has to be my favourite for the simple fact that it works as well as my gentle peeling exfoliant which I literally swear by.  For this mask I mixed two tea bags worth of organic green tea, brown sugar, raw honey, & some olive oil.  This will literally get rid of all dead skin on your face, I was SHOOK when I tried to do a peel after & there was no dead skin on my face.

Did you see that I didn’t put any measurements?  That was because some people might want to make an amount just for one time usage, while I wanted to have them in a jar so that I can use them at my leisure since I am super busy and don’t have time to make masks most of the time.


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