Battered Dreams.. (Dreams & Reality Series Book 8)

It took me a day and a bit to finish Battered Dreams because I was very bored at the office with nothing to do I just took out my Kindle & spent half of my day reading.

Battered Dreams was an oh boy book, multiple serial killer stories appeared & yes these victims were battered OR stabbed to death.

San Marcos, Texas. A picture perfect American landscape. Communities dominated by Friday Night Football, modest homes, and happy families. Until the serenity of small town life is broken by one family’s discovery of bodies in an abandoned well.

Local police try to keep the discovery quiet; they seldom deal with murder and aren’t prepared when one of the bodies turns out to be a local high school boy. The multiple murders drive home the sinister reality that they are no longer innocent of the crimes that plague large cities.

Based on the skill involved, the Serial Crimes Tracking Unit realizes that this is not the killer’s first time. As the SCTU digs deep to discover the killer, they uncover more victims. Anger and fear begin to cause panic in what was once a quiet community. Aislinn Cain and the members of her team need to find the killer before the town implodes with terror and the citizens begin doling out their own brand of justice.

I think with this book the characters struggled a lot on who the killer could be because they didn’t want to believe it.  For once without giving away too much the killer was a woman and that is all I will say for the time being.

Actually, there were multiple women killers in this book as I did mention there was more then one serial killer.

Either way, I think this book tested a lot of people including Aislinn.  I am now onto Belladonna Dreams & I could not be sadder as this series will be ending very soon for me.

Do I have a funeral for it or something? I don’t know.


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