Summoned Dreams (Dreams and Reality Series book 7)

I have some to the conclusion that it takes me about 3 days to get through these books if I am busy, and only ONE day if I have nothing pressing to do.

I just finished Summoned Dreams, and I know that I said the title is usually the method of death, well this book was a little different as MULTIPLE serial killers came into play and they all killed differently, but mostly from the same victim pool.

The most violent city in the United States doesn’t normally garner much attention from the SCTU. Victims are easy to find on the destitute streets and dark alleys. They are even easier to prey upon as they desperately cling to hope. Their bodies are easy to hide in the abandoned houses and buildings that litter Detroit. In a city turning into a ghost town, serial killers stalk the trapped residents with hellish delight.

One killer gains national attention, even among the most vile and violent Detroit has to offer. He isn’t just killing his victims, he’s burning their bodies and the buildings they are in with impunity. He does not hunt in the shadows, but takes his victims during the cold light of day. He’s methodical, calculating, and leaves no clues for the police to follow.

Leads are so few and the kills so brazen, that Aislinn Cain and the SCTU pack their bags and head for the grim streets of Detroit. It is in this desolate waste of a city, that they will face their most depraved and deceptive serial killer yet.

This book was gut wrenching as a lot of personal issues for the baddest out Aislinn arose.  In this book she had to deal with a lot of internal demons whether she liked it or not.  Otherwise without giving too much away, the book was good & I am going to be so devastated when this series ends because as to date there are only 12 books in the series and I am currently flying through book 8.

Hadena James is an amazing author and I am UPSET I had not found out about her earlier.


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