Butchered Dreams (Dreams & Reality Series Book 6)

I just finished Butchered Dreams which is the 6th book of this series & let me tell you it was all over the place for the simple fact that so many important things were happening and so much important information was being shared.

The Butcher is on a rampage. He’s working his way across the state of Missouri, in a reign of terror, righting the wrongs he believes have been committed against his family and himself. In his wake, he leaves a blood bath; a string of mutilated victims that seem to have no pattern.

With The Butcher, it’s personal. Both Aislinn Cain and Malachi Blake have ties to this monster. As a result, neither the SCTU nor the VCU can assist in his capture and the job is given to two untrained FBI agents. When one is murdered, Cain and Blake are forced to join the hunt, as consultants.

Both of them will have to battle their own demons to catch The Butcher. Demons that will show exactly how much monster they each have inside themselves. A truth that neither of them are ready to face.  Yes, the victims are BUTCHED & have their insides strung around like decor at the crime scene.

For those who don’t get it, the Butcher has been stalking Aislinn & her best friend Malachi for as long as they can both remember.

This hunt was extremely personal and although Malachi makes brief appearances in this other books, this one was more based on him and Aislinn with a lot of secrets included.  This is also the book where we go in depth into Aislinn or “Ace’s” family history.

This has got to be one of my all time favourite series and I am so happy that there are more then 3 books to the whole thing.

I shall be back in a few days after I finish reading Summoned Dreams.


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