Live Love Blu

This week I am focusing all my attention on Live Love Blu, this blog is run by a lovely women named Blu & like I want to be her best friend just based off her website and a lot of the things she talks about.

Blu focus on wellness and healthy living with a strong emphasis on being as organic as possible. She shares her experiences so others know their options. She believes others should make informed decisions about their lives, so they can create a life they love! website talks about all things to do with health, wellness, skincare, fitness, and food.

Again what attracted me to her blog is the topic of organic items, over the past year I stopped (well my mom) made me stop consuming a lot of things.  If I wanted to continue consuming certain things I had to find an organic version or else I’d be yelled at, yes I am an adult & yes my mom still scares me.

I honestly wish that when I was making this transition that I had a website like Blu’s to look at.

I love the fact that she has a few posts of natural skincare which is something I am almost 100% transitioned into.

Blu’s Blog 



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