Aroma Actives Skin Care

Hey loves, today we have a skincare post.  I wanted to share two new all natural skin care products that I picked up today on a little shopping trip

I went to winners to get a gift for a friend and ended up spending way more then I should of on myself of course.

I always have to go by the natural skin care section and I saw these two products.

  1. Lift & Firm Eye Cream
  2. Perfecting Day Serum

The eye cream was $5.99 CAD & the Serum was $6.99 CAD.

I put them in my cart & then thought “shit if I walk in the house with these my mom will take them” so I made the conscious decision to just get them for her instead.

The eye cream states that it is: “a rejuvenating, tightening and firming eye cream specifically designed to restore a youthful appearance to the delicate eye area.

The serum states that it is: “a lightweight day serum enriched with a unique blend of essential oils and botanical extracts to hydrate and improve the skin’s condition.

The fact that it is all natural & affordable makes it even better.

I am going to let my mom try these products for a few weeks & follow up with her thoughts and opinions.


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