The Trotters.. Life + Love

I am back again with my series where I showcase some of my favourite blogs..

This week I am focusing all my attention on “The Trotters Life + Love”

This blog is run by Mrs. Trotter aka Tiffany who is a wife, mother & works in the corporate world.

Her blog has a lot of things to offer, there is beauty, fashion, home decor, recipes, traveling, and I am pretty sure I am missing more but that’s okay.

What caught me was her side bar, which showcased her family who consists of Tiffany, her husband Christian who is a PE teacher & her two ADORABLE kids Kingston & Krimson.

Again, if you know me, you know I love babies.

If you are looking for a blog that has basically EVERYTHING that you could ever think of, want, and or need, you should really check out Tiffany’s which I will post below.

Tiffany’s Blog:

Tiffany’s Instagram:


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