Mercurial Dreams (Dreams & Reality Series Book 3) – Hadena James

I just finished reading Mercurial Dreams which is the book right after Elysium Dreams.

Aislinn Cain and the Serial Crimes Tracking Unit are being sent to the hottest place in North America to investigate mummified remains that were found in Death Valley. When Xavier Reece uncovers elemental mercury in the heart of one of the mummies, they discover there is more than Mother Nature at work.

The victims have matching injuries, but only one of the bodies reveals the liquid metal, raising questions about how many killers are using the valley as a dumping ground. The team will have to use extraordinary means to connect all the victims to a single killer. However, with most of the victims unidentifiable due to the condition of the remains, their usual procedures of investigation are impossible.

With 32 bodies already found, how high will the body count rise before Aislinn Cain and the SCTU can capture this killer?

I can confidently say that this book was not as good as Elysium Dreams but it was pretty close.

In this book, the story line was a little bit more flat which I can slightly appreciate seeing as Elysium Dreams literally gave me anxiety & a high heart rate.

I will say that the ending of this book really took me by surprise as I completely did not see that coming, but the way that everything came together, I really did like it & would recommend this series to anyone with a Kindle as the books are either free or $3.99 CAD.

Another thing I can say about this series so far is that the characters are really growing on me and getting to know their personalities & habits make reading the books even better and have me anxious to see what might happen next.

All in all, take my advice and start reading this series.


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