Kindle vs. Kobo

Hey loves,

I just recently got a KINDLE a Kindle PaperWhite for anyone wondering which one, I got it on sale for $99 when it is regularly $139.

Someone suggested to me when they saw that my bookshelf was full that I should get an E Reader…

So I started to do some research because I realized that there were a lot of E Readers out there, and the constant battle has always been the Kindle VS Kobo..

Now, I am not going to get into anything technical, I am a very simple person, I don’t need something with certain specs and what not, I just want it to work and to be pretty good quality.  I read one review that was like ten pages long on why they preferred the Kindle OVER the Kobo.

The deciding factor for me was the fact that the prices of the books for the Kobo was significantly more expensive then the Kindle, plus Kindle offered FREE books & we all know Sydney loves her some FREE.

I am just upset because I didn’t realize that I could have gotten my Kindle in white if I didn’t order it off of the Amazon app, but life happens.

So far, I am loving it.  I have already gotten two free books to read and have picked up a series that I am LOVING.


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