Happily Hilly…

So, guess what?

*waits for people to guess*

Well, after featuring my friend Paris Ranee Designs I have decided to start a series where I share some of my favourite blogs with you guys.


Happily Hilly, this blog is run by a lovely women named Emily.

Most people who know me know that not a lot catches my eye as I am usually always unimpressed by things, well when I first clicked onto this blog my attention was caught.

Emily is a wife, mother, & teacher.

Emily’s blog has a little bit of everything from DIY, to recipes, and personal stories/ opinion pieces, it is also visually pleasing and easy to navigate which is a huge plus for someone like me.

What caught me about her blog was the post named “My Pre- Deployment Checklist” as her husband is an Airman.  Also, she has the cutest little girl & again anyone who knows me knows that I love babies.

I really think that you guys should check out both her blog and Instagram which I am going to link below.

I am thinking about making this a weekly thing, or every few days since I have so much to share, what do you guys think?? Let me know.

Emily’s Blog

Emily’s Instagram 


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