Wireless Charging…

One thing I hate is having to plug in my phone, especially at night before I go to bed because my charger is always buried somewhere.

For Christmas, I was actually gifted an Iphone 8 & I saw that I could use a wireless charger to charge my phone, I was scrolling instagram one day and I saw that they were selling a super cute one for like $30 and I thought that was INSANE.

I pulled up my Amazon app and saw that I could get one for 18.99.. The reviews looked amazing so I just went for it, and let me tell you I am so happy that I did

I ended up getting this charger (CLICK THE WORD “CHARGER” FOR LINK).

The charger I got was white and gold which went along with my room decor very well, this is in the description on the page,

  • 1. Fashionable and elegant appearance, very convenient to use, The middle portion of wireless charger is made of high quality acrylic/PMMA, the underside is made of metal aluminum with nonskid rubber feet. epoxy body. Small blue LED light indicates wireless charging status.
  • 2. A small blue light will turns on NOT flashing / glowing lights. Built-in over-voltage, under-voltage and short circuit protection, safety for charging and gives a better battery life.
  • 3. Modern wireless charger & Fashionable Ornament, perfect for your desk, room, office, school,anti slip silicone rubber feet keeps your phone charging with highest reliability and longevity.
  • 4. Compatible for all Qi-Enabled phones, also fit for Non Qi-Enabled cell phones which need an extra receiver case / card installed (not included)
  • 5. We strongly recommend using a 2A Power adapter (not included) for the best results .Don’t connect to the computer,because output from computer is only 500-800mA.

My opinion on this charger is, for the price I could not be happier, in the package comes the wireless pad & the cord, you need your own wall plug for it, but I just used an apple cube that I had just laying around.

Hope this is helpful for those who either didn’t know about wireless charger or were contemplating..


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